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Executive with more than 10 years experience in business development and a proven track record in identifying, innovating and monetising opportunities in Fintech industry.


2017 - Present


Flex Luthor Research

FLR invests directly in bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.
- Conducted detailed investment analysis, calculations and reports.
- Investigated market changes and devised approaches to take advantage of emerging opportunities. - Monitored social media and online sources for industry trends (crypto twitter, Discord and telegram). - Created NFT project on Solana blockchain to explore the space and communities

2018 - 2022



Role involved the creation and overseeing of a UK fintech company from its inception, through incubation/acceleration, growth and monetisation.

- I have deep operational experience, I am multi-skilled and have strong concepts for technology, growth marketing and business development.
- I brought a first of its kind product to market
- I competed profitably with goliaths of this industry, with limited budget, using marketing technologies they had not adopted yet.

- I managed partnerships and strategic business relationships that generated millions in insurer premiums.
- I dealt with information and financial regulators.
- I dealt with complex legal issues requiring outside legal counsel to handle commercial conflicts.
- I have a network in tech and finance in UK and abroad spanning big banks, startups and venture capital.

- I was selected by NatWest to be part of their Scale up and Fintech accelerator programs.

2017 - 2020


NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator - Scale-up

As a scale-up entrepreneur I took up space in the central Manchester offices of NatWest. I conducted my own business as well as working alongside teams the bank wished to be influenced by an intrapreneurial spirit.
- Developed and implemented new strategies and policies in collaboration with executive partners to establish and achieve long-term business objectives.

- Fostered new business through participation in trade shows.
- Motivated staff members to achieve optimal productivity.
- Conducted research on emerging trends within industry and capitalized on finds to develop new products, services and strategies.




Role involved developing and executing viable marketing strategies for the CompareChecker mobile app.

- I defined the long-term marketing strategy for the CompareChecker brand.
- I determined and adhered to a viable marketing budget, which grew as we reinvested profits from the business.
- I established positioning, identified target audiences and developed marketing plans with specific objectives across different channels and segments.
- I adjusted marketing campaigns and strategies as needed in response to analytics and other feedback.
- I approved and oversaw the creative development of promotional materials, in app content and advertisements - ensuring regulatory sign off was achieved for all campaigns created.
- I researched and analyzed market trends, demographics and competitor products for marketing strategies.
- I worked with our designers and engineers to design, test and evolve lead nurturing and conversion.



- More than 100,000 UK consumers have used CompareChecker.
- 300% increase in user acquisition.
- Millions of impressions and engagement in Social media ads.
- Featured in mainstream media (The Times, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, - Featured in Industry Market research journals (GlobalData) about the insurance and insurtech space.


Business Development


Role involved creating a business case for CompareChecker. We needed to generate revenue as the product was privately funded/completely bootstrapped.

- I was responsible for defining, researching and analyzing potential partners within the industry.

- I identified prospects to develop a business development strategy to increase our client base and revenue streams.
- I approached and fostered commercial relationships with large UK fintech companies

- I sold the benefits of working with CompareChecker and negotiated effectively in a very competitive marketplace.
- I attended client meetings remotely and on-site to sell CompareChecker at a Director level.



- The company secured commercial agreements with several UK financial firms e.g. Moneysupermarket, Gocompare, Comparethemarket, and Aviva.
- Hundreds of thousands of leads were generated for these companies.
- Millions of pounds in insurance premiums and Commission payments for client businesses.
- Our company generated revenues that grew year on year, which we reinvested in marketing to fuel further growth.
- I was nominated for several awards in relation to my involvement with CompareChecker.


Product Management


Role involved overseeing every stage of the creation of this independently funded and innovative fintech smartphone application.

- I recruited and motivated tech leads and engineers, and designers for the core of the local and remote product development team.
- I led agile product development roadmaps
- In discovery phases I defined customer profiles, provided transparency between stakeholders to determine viability and finalized consensus on feasibility of goals and key results.

- In delivery I reviewed customer feedback (qualitative) as well as analytics data (quantitative) to benchmark our achieved usability and OKRs.
- I dealt with the Apple App Store platform and App review teams as we iterated as required to achieve listing.

- CompareChecker was prototyped and successfully launched into the marketplace.
- Regularly ranked as the number 1 app for its key search terms beating out much larger brands. - Customers have consistently reviewed well and rated the app over 4 stars.


Project Management

Software Development Agency

This role was in the digital agency that I founded after graduation. I wanted experience in business development and developing digital products before creating a business.

Business Development

- I used platforms such as Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr to find clients.
- I liased with clients to develop deep understanding of business needs and current market landscape.

Product Management


- I managed teams of contracted technology workers in India and Eastern Europe using Skype and Productivity tools (Gantt charts etc.) to work together remotely.
- I documented user stories, specifications and product features into detailed work order to communicate across distributed teams and build mandatory requirments.

- I prioritized feature roadmaps in order to achieve product goals and metrics.



University of Nottingham | Finance, Accounting and Management

2:1 certification attained. 


The Manchester Grammar School

A-levels: Maths A, Chemistry A, Biology A, Spanish B

GCSE: 8A*,2A

& Expertise

  • Managing Remote Teams using online tools such Zoom, Slack, Google Suite.

  • Web and mobile development using C#,, MSSQL, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, AJAX, Xamarin (iOS and android), Git.

  • Native advertising campaigns using Adwords, Facebook and Instagram ads which had millions of impressions

  • Creative and design using Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

  • Computer skills encompassing Microsoft Office and online alternatives (Word, Excel etc)

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